Software Development Process

Ovalogic Technologies has evolved over time and adopted a proven software development processes. We believe in having streamlined processes can ease out complexities in the operations. It gives clear picture of what’s next.
Below are the guidelines we follow for our successful delivery of the project.

Client Communication –
First and foremost thing to start a project is Communication.
Client will send us very high level idea of their system requirements through email, phone, walk ins, or even WhatsApp. We are always open.
It’s an opportunity to understand the client and Ovalogic technologies culture and processes. It’s the way we start a long lasting business relationship with our clients and build a trust.

Requirement Gathering – Functional and Non-functional
Requirement gathering and agreeing on those is fundamental to a successful project. Quality requirements depends on how client opens up and bring his/her thoughts on the table. We do understand client may or may not have full understanding of all the aspects of the project and may be changed later during design; don’t worry it’s our agile way of working.
Functional requirements are the behavioral components of the system. These will be captured with Use Cases and flow diagrams. Non-functional requirements describe the system characteristics of the application. Both types of requirements are the essence of system architecture, design, performance and cost.

Very High Level Estimates –
After considerable amount of energy and efforts are invested to understand the requirements, it’s a time for budgeting. Ovalogic technologies will provide estimated cost of development and tentative timeline.
This is a very high level estimates based on the requirements provided by client. It is a cost to client with 50% confidence. It means the cost can increase or decrease by 50% depending on further analysis during design.

Initial Investment –
Every project requires funding to start with and keeps up with excellent work time to time.
Client pays 50% of estimated amount for allocation of resources, system architecture and design.
It also involves documentation and communication.

System Architecture and High Level Design –
Heart of any project is the architecture and design of the system.
Ovalogic will help client with overall system architecture considering functional, non-functional requirements and technologies used.
High level design document will be developed with impact assessment of the system.

Design Review –
The completed architecture and design document will be reviewed with client and get approval for development.
Client can suggest changes in the system. Client can add or remove some functional and non-functional requirement within scope.
Accordingly refinements can be done in the architecture. Considering required changes in the system final cost of the project will be changed.

Sign Off –
Scope of project will be freeze and timeline will be decided followed by approval from client.
70% of total remaining cost of the project will be paid by client for development.

Construction and Coding –
Ovalogic technologies will do construction and coding of the project.
Progress on development will be shared with client at appropriate times and through proper channel.
It gives an opportunity to client to learn the growth of their system and better experience throughout the process. Unlike others, it’s our unique way of working.

Testing –
There will be internal phases of testing like Unit test and System test.
Further as per client’s requirements professional testing services like beta testing, performance testing can be hired with additional cost.

Client Review –
Results of the system tests will be shared with the client for review.

Defects Handling –
Any defect arise in all the testing phases will be fixed or planned after deployment. 

Change Request Handling –
Client can suggest additional changes in the system required to be developed for the scope.
Ovalogic technologies will separately assess these change requests with additional cost of development and testing. Depending on the complexity of the change request, timeline of the project will be extended.

Client GO/NO GO –
Finally the system will be ready. Client will provide approval for deployment/rollout to production. Remaining 30% of amount will be paid by client for rollout of the system.

Deployment/Rollout –
After receiving the final amount the system will be deployed to production.

System Operation and Normalization Support –
Ovalogic techinologies will provide 30 days of free support as a warranty to the system. During which defects in the live system of the current scope will fixed or planned for next release if required.